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Saturday, August 20, 2022

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    Dino Morea on playing anti-hero Shaybani Khan in The Empire: ‘Had to bring out animal instincts of the character’

    With terrifying eyes and a bizarre demeanor, actor Dino Morea has played the role of Uzbek leader Muhammad Shaybani Khan in the Disney + Hotstar series The Empire. The first time he heard the story from actor-director Mitakshara Kumar and producer Nikhil Advani, he thought it was a “chance for a lifetime”.

    Talking about a historic historical character, Dino shared, “This is the first time I am playing such a character. To play a character you need to understand his mentality and his world. So, when I first heard the story, I thought it was a lifelong opportunity. It’s a deceptive, cunning character who has many shades. He believes that you are not the heir to the throne but you have to achieve it.

    Dino has acted in various roles for more than two decades of his Bollywood career, but to portray Shaibani Khan honestly, the 45-year-old actor had to express the animal instincts of his character. He, along with director Mitakshar, tried to compare the character traits of Shaibani Khan with an animal.

    Explaining the same thing, Dino said, “Whenever I make a character, I compare it to an animal. So, I told my director Mitakshar and he agreed that we need to figure out some animal instincts in a character, so, he suggested Panther and I thought of a lion for Shaibani Khan. But then we decided this character is like a panther because it’s agile, quiet, and fast and he’s awesome. So, I watched the National Geographic Channel just to see the movement and understand how a panther works.

    To do justice to his character, Dino not only did his research and homework, but he also made special preparations to fix the character’s ‘mood and strength’. “For each scene, I created a playlist for myself. I would listen to a certain melody and beat to get the mood and energy of a scene. I have created a playlist to shoot for the first time meeting scene with Babu (Kunal Kapoor). My walking and strength, when I met him, came from the melody that was ringing in my head.

    Actor Kunal Kapoor, who played the role of Mughal emperor Babur in the series, spent time understanding his character instead of looking for references to his character, as he thinks, “seeing the work of others is the opposite.” The interesting thing about his character for him was, “He was very strong physically but he had a moment of mental weakness. He became king but there is a lot of self-doubt about whether he has value. Kunal turned from his” spontaneous young Babur “. , The confident old man “enjoyed the journey of transformation.

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