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    Samantha Akkineni says The Family Man was ‘scary, risky’ for her: ‘Thought it would flop badly or…’

    Actor Samantha Akkineni plays a gamble when she decides to play the role of Rajalakshmi Sekharan / Razi in The Family Man Season 2, as she is usually confined to a heroine, much too her surprise as a trained LTTE operative, living secretly in Chennai. “I’ve been put in this ‘cute girl’ slot. I thought this role would flop really badly or work really well. It depends entirely on performance. It was very scary and risky for me, ”Samantha told the media

    In fact, it is safe to say that his gambling has stopped. His performance as a deadly assassin hardened by Sri Lanka’s bloody civil war became one of the highlights of the series. For a moment she was a helpless woman at risk of exploitation. Next, he is a deadly force that can kill without thinking twice. “I never expected so many people to call and text me (to appreciate my performance). I have received calls from people who have never called me before, ”he added.

    Samantha has received unanimous praise for her performance and she is expected to leave with several awards. First praise, when he recently won the Best Actor award at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM).

    “I don’t think I’ll sign anything thinking that it will reward me. I sign a character that I really believe in. The roles that I believe will build me up as a good person. However, awards are always welcome. Because they always inspire me to do better. That way, I’m grateful for the reward, “added Samantha.

    Although Razi is involved in a murderous rage and lifelong injuries, he is not to talk much and is only focused on his deadly mission. The character had a minimal speaking line, which was a challenge for Samantha. “I was given the role of a trained fighter without too much dialogue. So I had to make sure I saw the part physically even though I was younger. Body language and character physique was something I really worked on. It was necessary to see that the method of persuasion was not given much thought but in fact, I gave a lot of thought to it, “he added.

    The role was physically taxing and was a test of Samantha’s strength and endurance. He had to do all the stunts himself while looking effortless and stylish. “I have seen a lot of real-life footage and documentaries. It really helped me. Also, I have worked with many large teams including directors and stunt individuals. Stunt master Yannick Benn has an amazing style of fighting. It was very, very unique. And I wanted to emulate his style. I don’t think he thought he had a particular style in the way he moved and fought, ”She said.

    Samantha feels quite free in the space created by the OTT platform. “OTT has been a really welcome change not only for the actors but also for the technologists. This is blurring the line across all industries. It has turned out to be a combination of all the good talents. Viewers are also highlighting all kinds of content. No need to worry about whether an OTT movie/series is commercial enough or romantic enough. You have so many opportunities to express what you believe and you have an audience that will appreciate it, ”he added.

    However, at the same time, he believes that the unique experience of seeing the community is not going anywhere. “This is something that India will never give up,” he commented.

    Samantha further suggested that since she is in a new phase of her career, she is more interested in making some unconventional choices. “I’ve always made choices based on how I get better at what I’m doing. Improvement comes when you take on complex and layered roles. Humans are very complex creatures. As most of our heroes in commercial movies, we are not just black and white. I am looking for a role that explores life, ”he signed.

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